Why Q Productions?

We are a passionate team of experts that strive for quality We pride ourselves on being unconventional thinkers, breaking through barriers to deploy out-of-the-box creative techniques that elevate brands and deliver authentic experiences. You have a message to deliver and an audience to engage, and we have the creative techniques that will transform your space and make your brand the star.


We believe that quality is king! From pre and post event equipment inspections and ongoing maintenance processes, to offering the latest modern equipment and a best-in-class service team, you can rest assured our commitment to quality will never be compromised.


Innovative thinking drives our passion, that’s why we’re committed to acquiring modern equipment and technologies. Creatively deploying leading-edge technologies in the most unconventional ways to help make our clients’ visions a reality is what our business is all about!


When we consistently deliver on our commitment to quality and innovation, trusted partnerships are formed. We take great pride in our long-standing client relationships, word-of-mouth referrals and preferred venue partnerships, which is why clients look forward to working with us year after year.


We are committed to supporting local charity and not-for-profit sectors, who often rely on local business partnerships to deliver memorable experiences that help build awareness for their causes, while celebrating their supporters and beneficiaries. We stand proudly with our partners and the great outcomes we’ve helped achieve.