Video projectors are used by event planners everyday to share content, slides and imagery with audiences however video projectors can be used in other ways to enhance client brands as well. Here are our top three ways we love to use video projection:

Wow your attendees with a custom painted mural

Using video projection all attendees can feel like an artist. Simply project an outlined image aligned with your brand content onto a white wall or surface. From there you can either choose to have an artist or attendees fill in the mural with paint, sharpies, you name it. This replicates a giant colouring book and really brings attendees together during product or brand activitations, cocktail receptions or training events.

Get social with your attendees

Social media continues to play a huge part in the success of events, especially when clients are looking for a broader brand impact outside of the event. Using an aggregate tool we are able to project social media comments, photos and video about the event or campaign in a location that allows all attendees to view the information and get involved.

Projected Reality

Have a theme you really want to make come to life? Projected reality allows just that by projecting video content or digital content on event assets. For example, if you are looking to have a glamorous awards banquet why not project chandeliers or other elements strategically around the room to give guests a taste of glam. The options with projected reality are endless and can really bring any event to life.

There are so many available options and ways to use video, it can be a little overwhelming for planners to determine the best way to present the content and communicate with attendees, however that is what Q Productions is here for. Not only are we experts in the latest video projection and display technology we are also full of endless ideas to get your message seen and heard by attendees.

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