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AutoCAD 3D Rending

Q Productions inc. has become one of the most credible, well respected audio-visual production companies in Toronto.  Seeing its competition, that isn’t a very easy task.  Over the past 10 years, Q productions has been rigorously involved within the corporate sector executing events such as, conferences, meetings & seminars, product launches, and social events.

After having the privilege of working with high profile clients, we consistently our clientele trying to implement different approaches into their events, even regular meetings and conferences.  There is a constant desire to enrich each event in order to stand out from the rest, and more specifically, keep their attendees interested… Understandably so.  By offering unique audio-visual services, such as Widescreen HD Projection, LED & Plasma Video Walls, and Customized Event Draping, clients have been able to customize their events to coincide with their theme and/or vision.  Q Productions  offers clients conceptual set designs for their events.  From an audio-visual production standpoint, we can design the room to appear exactly the way you envision it to look.  Customizing events through video application, lighting design, and staging, will allow each company’s meeting or conference to be different than the rest.  Through the use of AutoCAD 3D renderings, and customized floor plans, we can provide the client with an exact replica (on paper) of what the event will look like, prior to show day!


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