8 Most Important Factors to Successfully Executing a Seamless Event, Conference or Meeting

Make your next meeting/conference/ event successful within the audio-visual production realm by following these simple steps:

  1. Receive the room dimensions and create a floor plan.
  2. Determine the approximate number of attendees.
  3. Be sure to implement a sufficient amount of audio, not solely for volume, but for coverage.
  4. Strong & Bright Projectors… if the room will be a relatively lit environment, incorporating brighter projectors will allow your guests to see the images and text without difficulty.
  5. Interchangeable Lens Capabilities: Having strong and bright projectors allows us to have the option to do rear projection or front projection.  Should we only have 10’ for rear projection, or need to shoot 70’ across the room using front projection, this is all possible with the option of short throw and long throw lenses.
  6. Pipe & Drape: The ingredient which completely transforms any room into something visually pleasing!
  7. Ambient / LED Lighting… allows to create a great ambience on the room.  LED lighting uses extremely little power and wont be a concern for having to bring in additional power.
  8. Plasma / LCD Display Monitors: whether you require a 42”,  50”, 65”, 70”, or 80” plasma display, we can deliver.  These monitors are ideal for signage and will alleviate the need for any type of printing.

Q Productions inc. consistently follows these 8 important features to instilling a successful and visually pleasing event!

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